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Welcome to the Poet’s Guide, an off the beaten track website designed specifically for daydreamy travelers who spend most of their time journeying over clouds instead of cobblestones. Here you’ll find a roundup of interesting places to visit in Pennsylvania topped off with masterfully crafted lyrical headers for additional inspiration. Why have we done this? Because without creators the world would be a desolate, empty space void of creativity. With that thought in mind, we present you with hundreds of pages dedicated to the little known “thinking spots” scattered across the vast countryside.

How To Navigate This Site

The Poet’s Guide is an ever growing website so we recommend you follow us. We always follow back. Our journey begins in Southeast PA, which is the location where this website (and incidentally its creators) were born. To navigate, simply choose a state from the dropdown menu and then choose the region of the state you’d like to visit. From that region’s page, you’ll be shown a variety of different travel options—stuff like places to get lost, beautifully abandoned, soon to be history and the likes. We’ve even covered some popular (i.e. not off the beaten track) attractions you might want to check out as well.

Once you’ve found your way to an attraction that peeks your interest, something like the first ever Wawa or the Bucks County Barn Tour, simply click the link to learn all you need to know about it. At the top of each destination’s home screen, you will also come across a literary or occasionally a visual work that should put you in the mood to see the place you’re about to visit. More on that in just a minute. In the meantime…

Here’s a Breakdown of What You’ll Learn When You Visit Each Page:

  • Geographical and/or historical facts relevant to the location
  • A thing or two about the atmosphere
  • A paragraph about the view and everything you’re likely to spot from where you stand
  • Details related to visiting said destination including its proximity to other PA points of interest
  • A few sentences on why we like it here
  • Some interesting facts about the header story such as why we chose it to represent the destination, who it was written by, where you can obtain more of their work and so forth

In other words, we try to present you with details that are especially relevant to the locations we describe. As a result, we offer a unique and somewhat poetic twist compared to traditional travel sites.

What‘s The Story Scrawled Across The Top Of The Page?

Since every place you visit tells a story all its own, we thought it would be fun  to pair each offbeat travel destination with a literary and/or visual work. These “stories” consist of 500 words or less and often feature new writers or famous works from writers who live or used to live in that particular area.

Which States Are Listed In The Poet’s Guide? I Only See One Or Two Right Now

Like many masterpieces, the Poet’s Guide is a work in progress and, as such, it requires a great deal of tweaking. If you can’t find your state or region right now please check back with us later. We’ve got a lot of ground to cover in just a little time. What we do guarantee is that no matter how much hammering and chiseling away at our website occurs, we will always display Southeast PA, meaning Philly and its surrounding suburbs. This is a destination we have traveled through and through.

How Can I Get Featured In The Poet’s Guide?

If you own an under the radar vicinity you feel is worthy of a write up, please do contact us immediately. We love featuring new obscure destinations. And send us pictures. Tons of pictures. One can never obtain too many pictures. If, on the other hand, you’re an author who would like to promote your book or poems by being featured in a header section of our site, please review the submission guidelines and shoot us a short but sweet email. The same is true if you have a blog or website of your own, but in all fairness we tend to give preference to books. Our love for books is comparable only to our love for pictures. Have you written a picture book? Please email us the details.

What Is The Blog All About?

The Poet’s Guide is written by a group of creative junkies and the blog is intentionally as scatterbrained as we are. The website, in contrast to the blog, is incredibly structured in order to provide seamless navigation for our beloved readers. It’s our way of saying, “Yes, we want you to get lost in the metaphorical, whimsical sense of the word but we also want you to know exactly where you are.” In order to achieve this goal, we had to put our creative thinking inside of a box so by the time we got to the blog, that box was ready to explode. And it did.

We call it Obsession of the Day. It is a beautiful, messy, haphazard collection of abstract thoughts that somehow link to each other if you look at them from just the right angle. If you’re the type of person who goes from analyzing colors in a rainbow to wondering exactly what’s in the gum you’re chewing to screaming at football players on a TV screen while daintily sipping tea, then we highly recommend you check out our Obsession of the Day.

In Summary

The Poet’s Guide is the place where poetry and travel intertwine— because we believe that a realm like this should be in existence. Most adventure seekers and nomads wander the earth with a proverbial backpack attached to their hearts. If your proverbial backpack is brimming with books you have come to the right place. Here you can discover new places, new writers, new artists and more. You can virtually blaze new trails and test out some of our favorite thinking spots. In addition to the virtual tours, you can also partake in the action by submitting your own original work accompanied with a description of the place where you hankered down to author your masterpiece. Or you can grab a shady spot beneath a hammock and drift off into sleep. The journey to creativity is an individualized experience. The Poet’s Guide just provides you with directions.

Featured Categories


Soon To Be History

Don’t let possible future historic sites pass you by. We’ll show you where to find interesting places that we suspect will eventually earn a rightful spot on the National Historic Register. Find out which tiny town was home to the first ever Wawa or which hidden in plain sight building produced a large succession of multi-platinum albums in our soon to be history section.

Chasing Waterfalls

What could be more serene than a trip to a shimmering waterfall or glowing fountain in an obscure corner of the earth where you’re unlikely to be disturbed? Check out our chasing waterfalls and finding fountains section to learn more.

Obsession of the Day

This random exposition of bizarre obsessions is guaranteed to keep you guessing. Open your mind by letting it loose in this brand new, zany blog. Read on.

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