Underwater Worlds

Dive deep into the polar ocean’s depths and see what archaeological digs look like when buried leagues beneath the waters .

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Spelunking in some of the coolest caves around. Find out what happens when climate and ecological change give way to a natural wonderland.

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My name is Cindy and I have an obsession— an obsession with obsessions. I’m like a professional college student drifting about from major to major, grabbing hold of things that catch my interest, letting go of them, only to grab hold of something new. I’d like to invite you into the deep crevices of my mind to sit back and watch as each obsession leads into a new obsession. You can begin your journey by picking a date or simply choosing an obsession from the left side of this page. As time goes on, you’ll see how inquisitive things become. In the future, we will be adding interactive and multimedia functions for each of these fascinating topics. For now, in an effort to launch, I’ll be sticking to the basics—the facts. Let’s begin…


“i probably do have an obsessive personality but striving for perfection has served me well.”— Tom ford

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