West Chester University

Free WiFi With A View On A Sprawling Pa Campus

Historical architecture comes to life on the meticulously landscaped grounds of West Chester University, a campus that has graced our semi-exclusive list for…

Free WiFi With A View In Philadelphia, Pa

Introverted artists will fair well in this quaint setting which is complete with rounded eight pane windows, marvelous memorials and towering lampposts that beckon the remembrance of times gone by. The collegiate Gothic exterior of the buildings on the campus serves as a fine backdrop for its sleek modern furnishings.

Why We Love It

For starters, it’s nestled into an off the beaten path historical county in Southeast Pa. In addition to the vibrant scenery on campus, there are also many visit worthy pit stops situated along the way.

What’s The Atmosphere?

In a few words, studious, historical and charming. Close your eyes and imagine walking a path toward a castle. West Chester University could easily be viewed as an ideal location for that path.

What’s The View?

From beneath the swaying campus trees, the stunning scenery of what has been referred to as “the Athens of the West” sprawls out before you. Book shops, cozy cafes, charming boutiques and a myriad of architectural wonders that hold up a proverbial candle to the Greek revival are just a small dose of what you’ll find here on the campus in this massive historical landmark. Expect to see classic staples of the era like pointed arches, dormer windows, stone carvings and more. Sidebar— The entire borough of West Chester is listed on the registry of national historic locations so while you’re here, you might want to step off campus and explore.

Where To Cop A Thinking Spot

The benches in the gravel covered courtyard show off a nice birds’ eye view of this picturesque campus where modern chic comes head to head with the Gothic Revival.

About The Poem At The Top Of This Page

PA bread poet Linda D. Addison likes to dabble in the dark side. Her moody, award winning fantasy poem “the trickster” was published in Animated Objects’ 1997 edition and it definitely belongs here amidst the Gothic scenery at WCU. Fun fact about this riveting writer— Ms. Addison was the first African American to win the HWA Bramstoker Award. Her new and noteworthy compilations can be found at ”  Books by Linda D. Addison “.



The Details

Your Creative Journey Starts Here

West Chester University is located at 700 South High Street in West Chester, Pa 19383. The bustling city of Philadelphia is a quick 25 minute drive or train ride away. Further information related to directions can be accessed via the map below. WiFi here is entirely free and doesn’t require an additional purchase. In other words, visitors can feel free to plug up their laptops without buying a cup of joe or forking over an admission fee. The guest internet network is listed under RamNet-Guest. All outdoor areas are WiFi friendly. To learn more about accessing on campus hotspots, please refer to this useful Outdoor Wireless Coverage Map. Onsite features include:

  • Situated mere footsteps from a myriad of motels, hotels and b&b’s 
  • Picture perfect architecture
  • Breathtaking landscaping throughout
  • A wide assortment of reading material and more

Insider TipWest Chester University is the largest University in the entire state of Pennsylvania. Since our goal is to get you just lost enough to write a marvelous new novel but not so lost that you’re, well…actually lost, we suggest you take the virtual tour beforehand. Also, read up on their parking regulations ahead of time in order to avoid confusion upon arrival.

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