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As Renowned Artist, Ouigi Theodore Presents The Hundred Year Plan

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It’s always go time in Pennsylvania, a state covered in culture and ingenuity. With 2018 well underway, we’ve already witnessed bustling new business sweep the streets, leaving nothing in its wake but the possibility of higher returns. If you happen to be a Philadelphia, Chester, York, or local PA entrepreneur, there’s never been a better time than now to reflect on the past and plant seeds for the future, right here in the community you already know and love. And on this enlightening journey, there has never been a better tour guide than Ouigi Theodore, the Brooklyn Circus founder with fervor for fashion and a passion for Chester City locals. He will be making a can’t miss Chester Made appearance this weekend on May 4 of 2018. Here’s why you’ll absolutely want to be there to attend this free, family-friendly event.
Who Is Ouigi Theodore?

An Introspective Look At The Bearded Man

The people at the New York Times call him the bearded dandy, the residents of Brooklyn ring him a fully fledged circus, but here in PA, we like to think of him as a Chester Made artist whose love for culture and history is woven between his fashionable threads.

This is a man with style but more importantly, one with scope and vision who holds high hopes for the future of both urban clothing and urban lifestyle. His retro-inspired streetwear was designed to transcend looks and breach the very fabric of identity.


A Balancing Act To Behold

Step right up and learn how one man can build a designer brand.

As an artist/entrepreneur, Ouigi Theodore is out to refine urban imagery, to elevate the street corners of America to a level of prestige where history is not just in the genes, but also, in the jeans, so to speak. His vision of the future features an ageless, raceless, swagger powered city full of whimsy and organized confusion— a circus if you will.

To that end, years of study and hard work finally paid off when Ouigi Theodore founded the internationally popular Brooklyn Circus store. This is a place where urbanites and entrepreneurs alike can stock up on tailored casual clothing that harkens back to tell a story of each inner city’s past. His idiosyncratic take on today’s fashion has garnered him over 75 thousand Instagram followers, another 13k fans on Twitter, and a stellar reputation both overseas and in the states.

This heralded clothing icon holds a degree in history and a second in graphic design, but his reach abounds far beyond the confines of college study halls. He also knows a thing or two about business development. The original Brooklyn Circus was founded on just $8,000 worth of capital, and it is now a highly sought after conglomerate.

Contact And Event Information

Ouigi will be on site at the MJ Freed Theater for a day of inspiration, exploration, and innovation between 6:30 and 8 p.m. this Friday. This is an excellent event to attend if you’re a local entrepreneur looking to further your brand or a local history enthusiast who aspires to know the inner workings of our city. The goal of this exposition is to help Pennsylvania artists connect with their city’s history and culture. Get up to the minute news on fashion and entrepreneurship by joining us this weekend.



Event Highlights

  • Everything Is Useful
  • The Hundred Year Plan
  • Lessons In Community Branding
  • PA Artist Meet and Greet

Pennsylvania Humanities Council | The Brooklyn Circus

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By attending this upcoming conference you will get feedback on your local business and the tools you need to plan for the future. Attendees can expect an insider’s objective look at the current climate for fashion and industry. Whether you’re hailing from Delaware County or anywhere else in the United States, you will undoubtedly benefit from this and other house events slated to touch down in Delco in the near future. As you will soon learn from the mogul himself, Everything Is Useful!

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How we spent our time in Pennsylvania thus far

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