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Things to do in Pennsylvania

March is abounding with exciting attractions and things to do in Pennsylvania this 2018. The month brings with it the promise of new growth, from the plants on the ground to the sky skimming trees towering overhead. But this year’s growth isn’t purely botanical by nature. This year, urban dwelling spaces are also expected to bloom, as a new trend in urban planning is set to turn previously dilapidated and depressed areas into artistic landscapes worthy of more than one Instagram photo shoot.

 When it comes to beautifying cityscapes, there is no shortage of talent in the region. Artists all across the nation are working diligently to create more inspiring spaces for generations to come. One of the most famous names in the business is the Chicago-bred professor and potter Theaster Gates. His dedication to reimaging and revitalizing urban communities has earned him an abundance of fans ranging from art critics to executives and just about everyone in between. His events garner views in the millions and his venues are art history in motion. In an effort to spread the spirit of creativity to cities outside of his own, this unique installation artist is bringing his unique art and message to the heart of Chester, PA’s art district.

About The Event

This free, family fun experience is sponsored by The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage, Butchershop Rehab, the Artist Warehouse, and the Pennsylvania Humanities Council’s Chester Made program. It is slated to take place on March 16th at 6 p.m. in Chester, PA’s MJ Freed Theater. The Theater is located at 515 Avenue of the States, Chester, PA, 19013. This venue is situated approximately 15 to 20 minutes away from major cities Philadelphia, PA and Wilmington, De. If traveling via Interstate 95, it’s just off of Exit 6. Parking is free and easily accessible. Please contact Laurie Zierer at the Pennsylvania Humanities Council at 215-925-1005 or visit the MJ Freed Theater site for further information. Tickets are not required for admission and seats are made available on a first come first serve basis.

About The Artist

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Theaster Gates is a visual historian, a mesmerizing urban storyteller using pieces of abandoned rubble to make a statement about the world around us. He holds a B.S. in urban planning and ceramics as well as an M.A. in fine arts and religious studies. His most acclaimed project to date is the Stony Island Arts Bank, a fully refurbished community center/ museum/ library/ art gallery that he personally transformed after purchasing a defunct building for a dollar. Behind the soul of this artist sits the heart of a humanitarian. The testament to this lies in his willingness to transform whole city blocks and to provide affordable (and sometimes even free) housing to inner-city residents. His reach expands through pottery as seen in his many indoor and outdoor installations, through food as served in the establishments he develops, through design, delivery, and demonstration. His craftsmanship allows viewers to explore history in a new, unique way by taking a visual tour of ancient relics from the privacy of their own theater seats.

His work has been featured in the following places:

Accomplishments and Activities:

In addition to being a highly educated, well-established artisan and city planner, Theaster Gates has also been awarded all of the following accolades:

  • The Wall Street Journal’s “Innovator of the Year” award
  • Kurt Schwitter’s Prize for 2017
  • San Francisco Art Institute’s Honorary Doctorate of Fine Arts and more

This talented craftsman has been listed in ArtReview’s top 100 most influential artists twice. Art lovers travel far and wide to have a gander at his work. Chester, Pa now invites local lovers to follow suit and enjoy the view!

What To Expect From A Day Trip To The MJ Freed Theater

For the best possible experience in urban art and revival, we highly recommend exploring the area now known as Chester’s Art District. Here you will find amazing food, shopping, park, and city tours, and the nearby beautiful waterfront, which is just a stone’s throw from this venue. If you decide to stay the night or weekend, nearby Delaware county hotels worth a second look include:

Notable Eateries Within the Vicinity Include:

  • Fatso’s
  • New York Fried Chicken
  • No 1 China

Theaster Gates is an acclaimed keynote speaker all over the country and across the world. His presence in Chester City is just one more reason this location has a well-deserved spot on the map of up and coming cities.

Meet The Event Sponsors

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For questions or comments related to Theaster Gates upcoming Chester appearance, please direct your calls to 215-925-1005.



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