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Free WiFi With A View In Southeastern Pa

With more than 150 years of experience in providing higher education, the sprawling 425+ acre campus of Swarthmore College is definitely worthy of a spot on our select list. Here, amidst students of curriculum and students of life, whimsical travelers can uncover a  highly coveted item. We call it… 

Free WiFi With A View In Philadelphia, Pa

History, flowers, wildlife and scholarship. All of these are the makings of a future masterpiece. Prepare to pull out your laptop and get a jumpstart on your 80,000 word debut novel (you know, the one guaranteed to incite a literary bidding war) right here on the campus of Delaware County Pennsylvania’s Swarthmore College featuring free WiFi with a view near Philadelphia.

Why We Love It

For starters, it’s settled in an idyllic arboretum. There are plenty of opportunities for people watching due to the hodgepodge of alumni and sightseers swarming the campus. Yet and still, seeking solitude is equally opportunistic considering the fact that there are numerous secluded little thinking spots scattered about on the premises.

What’s The Atmosphere?

In a few words, comforting, intellectual and vintage but no so vintage that it feels antique, just vintage enough to feel like home. Have you ever felt distraught while in the moment and caught yourself longing for 2006?  If so, this is the perfect setting for you. The exterior is fresh, traditional and neutral. The inside a cross between a library and shopping mall. This is an awesome place to stop in when it’s raining 

What’s The View?

From beneath the Swarthmore R Septa train station, the view is reminiscent of a classic Hitchcock tale. A shadowy space leading upwards to what could be a field of flowers or a vacant lot. It turns out to be the former. From there, many pathways are spread out before you, each one headed in a different direction. Towering trees, vast plant life, a nature trail, an enormous, rope hung swing, a steeple, tennis courts, and that’s all within your first few footsteps onto campus. One really inspiring place to cop a squat is atop the hill that leads to the campus entrance. Here you’ll find about six dozen white picket chairs (yes, we said white picket chairs because that’s what they look like) overlooking a rambling staircase that’s strategically positioned directly in the center of an elaborate display of tall trees and cosmically colored flowers.

Where To Cop A Thinking Spot

The bench beneath the spray painted purple tree, the lone swing dangling from a tree so ancient it towers about a mile up into the sky, the magnificent, Rome inspired outdoor amphitheater, the list goes on and on. Bonus— in the spirit of a greener Pennsylvania, The Scott Outdoor Amphitheater is comprised entirely of natural materials.

About The Poem At The Top Of This Page


Caroline Cooper’s “The College Boy” is a whirlwind tale of love, lust and loss as seen through the eyes of a struggling college side girl who often “sells her soul for Mardi Gras beads”. Local author Caroline Cooper often examines the dark side of events, shedding light on the most sensitive of topics with ease. Her debut novel,  “ The Sun Village Project” features a host of wild characters, all of whom are named after towns in the Philadelphia suburbs.

The Details

Your Creative Journey Starts Here

Swarthmore College is located at 500 College Ave. Swarthmore PA, 19081 which is just an eleven minute drive and 25 minute train ride away from nearby Philadelphia. Please peruse the map below for directions. Unlike other locations on this list, the free WiFi doesn’t require you to purchase anything like a ticket or even a coffee however, there are a few rules you will have to abide by. Firstly, you must create a SwatGuest account by choosing SwatGuest from the list of available WiFi networks, selecting the “Need an account? Click here.” button and following the prompts. Secondly, please note that your WiFi account is set to expire within four days, after which it will cease to exist. An interesting premise for your debut novel indeed. Possible future student gets lost along the nature trail and can’t access internet due to the fact that their registration expired. For inexplicable reasons there is a unicorn. Never mind. That’s not the winning plot line. But if there is a winning plot line, chances are high you will find it here on the Swarthmore College Campus.

  • Nature trails
  • Close vicinity to public transit
  • No purchase required
  • Ample seating and shading for hot days
  • Bicyclists welcome

Insider Tip— Wear comfortable shoes so you can hit the trails and maybe even check out some of the nearby off the beaten track historical sites.

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