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Free WiFi With A View At The Museum of Art In Philly

This carefully selected gallery of prestigious works showcases art from all walks of life. Located in the heart of Philly’s coveted Museum District, the landmark building known as the Philadelphia Art Museum is historically rich from its architecture to its contents, which earns it a well deserved spot on our somewhat exclusive list that tells visitors and residents alike where to go to find… 

Free WiFi With A View In Philadelphia, Pa

Travelers who are visual learners will definitely have an eyeful of inspiration upon which to draw. Just make sure that when doing so you don’t use a pen. Pens are prohibited in The Philadelphia Museum of Art. Laptops, however, are welcome. 

Why We Love It

For starters, it’s one of just a handful of museums in Philadelphia that boasts the luxury of on-site WiFi. Add in a surplus of close to 107,000 found objects that range in beauty but equally possess amazing historical value and you’ve got a solid foundation for creativity; a perfect canvas if you will. 

What’s The Atmosphere?

In short, sophisticated, artistic and luxe. Beginning with the Iconic “Rocky Staircase” surrounding the exterior of the building, a walk of genuine wonderment is sure to follow. Cathedral-like ceilings loom overhead while historically relevant and visually enticing elements adorn the walls like treasure. Glistening. Polished. Perfection. Check out the five section outdoor sculpture garden on a sunny day or a stormy night for a more dramatic twist. 

What’s The View?



When perched atop the towering 72 stone stairs leading into the museum, Philadelphia’s cityscape rolls out before you, a seemingly endless display of sightseers and residents, skyscrapers, statues and tree lined streets. Inside, time gone by is preserved via portraits that tell tales of cities and seasons past. Rhome-like columns and massive sculptures bring the pieces of the picture together. Equally important is the sound of the museum. Silence, whispers, hollow footsteps, this is the perfect place to try writing with your eyes closed.

Where To Cop A Thinking Spot

If you can handle heights well, the ideal place is the very tippy top of the stairs, just outside the entrance.  

About The Poem At The Top Of This Page

Philly poet Charlie O’Hay is featured here due to his prolific volume of photographic works that tend to go hand in hand with his writings. He is yet another example of the verbal intertwining with the visual. The above listed lyrical essay, an ode to his own reflection is brilliantly simple and positively uplifting. This is exactly the way you should feel atop the Rocky staircase. You can find The Standing Man along with a surplus of more than 100 other poems in the novel ”  Smoking In Elevators”.



The Details

Your Creative Journey Starts Here

The Philadelphia Museum of Art is located at 3600 Benjamin Franklin Parkway in the Fairmount section of the city as depicted in the map below. The museum is open every day except Monday from 10 am until 5 pm and is wheelchair accessible. For the price of $20 per adult, museum goers can access the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Perleman Building, the historic houses of Mount Pleasant and the Rodin Museum for two consecutive days. Specials include Pay As You Wish Wednesdays from 5 pm until 8:45 and discounted Access card admission (just $2 per adult). Children of Access card recipients who are under the age of 12 can enjoy free admission as part of an ongoing citywide initiative.  Non-flash photography is welcome. Babies in strollers may be subject to certain limitations. Inquire within for details on hosting a lecture or special event on the grounds. Below is a list of some of the many onsite features:

Self guided tours

Free informative podcasts

A cafe, dining hall and on premise STARR food truck





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This webpage contains an altered version of Jason Murphy’s “Philadelphia Museum of Art” photo which was available on flickr under a Creative Commons License.

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