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Pennsylvania is an ever changing state of perfect imperfection; an ideal canvas for die hard adventurers and romantics alike.  From the snow capped alpines of the Poconos to the sleekly structured high rises in Pittsburgh, PA and Philadelphia here is where you’ll get caught up in the dream. What does Pennsylvania have that makes it worth a daydream (trip)? Well, in addition to commonly known Pennsylvania points of interest like The Liberty Bell, Gettysburg National Military Park and Lancaster County’s Amish Country, the Keystone State is also home to the second largest mall in the country (King of Prussia Mall), the only Sesame Street themed amusement park in the world (Sesame Place) and hundreds, if not thousands of off the beaten path PA destinations guaranteed to inspire. So pull up a cloud and prepare to discover a whole new side of this age old treasure. 


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Reading, PA native A.S. King paints a powerful portrait of the Keystone state in just a few short words. Having been nominated for a slew of nationally and globally recognized awards including the Edgar Allen Poe award, this author got her start in published poetry. Her underground voice has been featured in Underground Voices Magazine and her commercial success was hard earned and well deserved. The quote, which was taken from her top ten young adult novel “Everybody Sees The Ants“, maintains an unparalleled hint of nostalgia for those of us who hail from Pennsylvania. That drive from A.C. (aka Atlantic City) through Camden and finally over the Walt Whitman Bridge is one that many locals have taken in the sweltering summer heat after heading “down the shore”. What better way to introduce Pennsylvania than with a drive down Memory Lane? 

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