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Free WiFi With A View In A Cafe Near Philly

Cocco’s Gelataria, located in Primos Pennsylvania, or, as the locals call it, Glenolden, is a great place to locate handmade gelatos, piping hot coffee and…

Free WiFi With A View Near Philly

This truly obscure bakery is hidden in plain sight just next to Coco’s pizza on Oak Avenue.

Why We Love It

All the allure of an independently owned bakery in a charming small town meets all of the toppings of yogurt land plus the fishpond outside is lovely.

What’s The Atmosphere?

Homey, intimate and warm, this off the beaten path locale is a great place to go to escape the bustle of the city. Primos, Pennsylvania is just a 10 minute drive from the Philadelphia airport and a few train stops away from Center City yet it feels like an entirely different world. You can almost hear a young Jimmy Stewart holler out hotdog when you open the door and are greeted by the faces of small-town youth.

What’s The View?

The interior is a cross between Nifty Fifty’s and Brewster’s. The patio is Little Italy (and yes it is actually little meaning small but still packs a big visual punch). Local events like author signings often give way to a more decorative vibe particularly during summer months. Rain or shine, this endearing eatery has something many larger, shinier establishments lack—that unparalleled sense of home. 


Where To Cop A Thinking Spot

The sofa at the very back of this eatery is comfortable and often abandoned. For seclusion in a crowded space, we recommend it.

About The Excerpt At The Top Of This Page

Local author Caroline Cooper introduced the town Glenolden as a character named Glen Olden in her hard hitting debut novel“ The Sun Village Project“ which is a fast paced thriller about a scientist who discovers the cure for the serial killer’s brain. We recommend this read to anyone with an interest in the Philadelphia suburbs. Between its pages you’ll meet Sharon Hill, Chester Bennett, Brooke Haven and more, all names of people that are actually the names of places.

The Details

Your Creative Journey Starts Here

Cocco’s Gelataria is a hop skip and a jump from the Primus train station stop on the septa R2 which will take you into Center City, Philadelphia in less than a half an hour. Alternatively, this destination is also a fifteen minute drive from the Philadelphia International Airport, making it perfect for sightseers upon arrival or departure. They’re open Monday through Thursday  from noon till nine, Friday from noon till 11, Saturdays from 9 AM until 11 PM and Sundays from 1230 until 9 PM. Handmade treats start as low as just $1.45 and they also serve cappuccino and espresso. There’s always something hometown he happening at Coco’s even if it’s simply the laughter of the customers inside.

  • Piping hot coffee & delicious espresso
  • Gelato
  • Indoor and outdoor seating
  • Author signings and other events

Insider Tip— Beware oncoming traffic. This eatery is situated just beside Cocco’s Pizza at a very busy intersection where cars tend to speed around the curve.

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