Cake and the Beanstalk

Free WiFi With A View In A Philadelphia, Pa Cafe

Down the corridor of bustling Locust Street sits a real-life gingerbread house with all the makings of a fairy tale. Cake and the Beanstalk, with its colorfully painted chairs and cutie pie flowerpots is a quirky cup of tea if ever there was one. It’s got style. It’s got charm. Guess what else it has? Drumroll please…

Free WiFi With A View In Philadelphia, Pa

Settling in to finish/start that ya novel or modern fairytale? If so, Cake and the Beanstalk is an ideal locale for you.

Why We Love It

Because it’s a break from the monotony. Restaurant row used to be a sea of contemporary five-star eateries, swim in it too deep and you might just get lost. With innovative, modern additions like Cake and the Beanstalk, the promise of diversity is in the air. This locale might not be off the beaten path but it’s certainly offbeat in a fun way.

What’s The Atmosphere?

Whimsical, cozy and fairytale-esque, Cake and the Beanstalk looks like what would happen if Storybrook were a real place.

What’s The View?

Hand painted chairs are adorned with inspirational quotes and lovable characters. Floor to ceiling windows let the sun shine in boosting an optimal view of the cozy little garden outside. If you like to space out into oblivion and you’re an avid fan of chalkboard fonts, you’ll have no choice but to adore Cake and the Beanstalk. Bonus— Check out the video below of real life Center City in all of its glory.

Where To Cop A Thinking Spot

The large, cushy chairs in the corner look and feel like storytime. They’re also the perfect place to relax with a warm cup of tea. 

About The Poem At The Top Of This Page


The thing that made dr suess such a timeless poet was the fact that he dealt with timeless issues that everyone could relate to, regardless of age and/or background. The above pictured quote, taken from “The Lorax.”



The Details

Your Creative Journey Starts Here

This enchanting  little café is situated at 1112 Locust St. and is currently five years young. The owners pride themselves on serving up delectable desserts, Panini’s, soup and more and their hours of operation are Monday through Thursday from 7 AM until 9 PM, Fridays from 7 AM until 10 PM, Saturdays from 8 AM until 10 PM and Sundays from 9 AM until 8 PM. From Cake and the Beanstalk, you can enjoy an eight minute walk or a three minute drive to The Walnut Street Theater or you can take an 11 minute walk/ four minute drive to an alternate Free WiFi with a View attraction— The Kimmel Center.  Inquire within about storytime hour and discounts available for students and hospital employees.  Onsite features include but are not limited to:

  • Piping hot coffee
  • Games
  • Toys
  • A wide assortment of reading material and more

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